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2017-Notice to the Public. During the 2017 Calendar Year, the St. Helena Parish Police Jury will meet in two (2) regular meetings per month, those meeting times and days shall be at six (6:00) o'clock p.m. on the Second Tuesday of the Month and at six (6:00) o'clock p.m. on the Fourth Tuesday of the Month, EXCEPT during the Month of December when the second meeting will be held on the third Tuesday of the Month. All meetings are held in the Meeting Room of the St. Helena Parish Police Jury Building located at 17911 Hwy. 43, Greensburg, Louisiana, as per Ordinance No. 233 and 258, and this notice is herby given in compliance with the Open Meetings Law, Act 707 of the 1977 Louisiana Legislature Regular Session. Sharonda Brown Secretary-Treasurer St. Helena Parish Police Jury1/1/2017
Local Emergency Planning Committee LEPC 2017 scheduled meetings are Jan 19, April 20, July 20, October 19. Meetings are held quarterly at St. Helena Parish Police Jury Meeting room located at 17911 Highway 43 Greensburg, La. 70441 Meetings start at 1:30 PM The public is encouraged to attend these public meetings1/1/2017
St. Helena Parish Office of Homeland Security will be scheduling neighborhood meetings for the residents of St. Helena. The First one will be April 12, at the Police Jury Meeting room located at 17911 Highway 43 Greensburg at 6:00 PM. Department of Health and American Red Cross will have presentations. Mosquitoes and Zika information from DH will be available. These meetings are to help the community understand how emergency situations should be handled and the proper steps to prepare and protect yourself, family and the community in the event of a disaster. 4/12/2017
Tip and Toss. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so tip and toss any water that is found in your yard or around your house. Check toys, tires, puddles, ditches, and pet water containers, all items that can hold water, Tip and toss to eliminate the water. Drain and fill if needed, so that there is no standing water. This will help cut back the mosquito population. Also wear protective clothing when out side and use a repellent. Dark Color clothing attracts mosquitoes. Avoid using products that are fruit or flower scented. 4/1/2017