Economic Development
Economic Development

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8140 Highway 10
Greensburg, LA 70441


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Business Opportunities

St. Helena parish Economic Development Committee is a volunteer board of directors and operated by professional staff, this committee works daily to ensure that business have what they need to flourish as they grow. St. Helena has seen a growth in the population in the past several years and attributes this to the fact that land is still affordable to those that chose to relocate to the area, and Businesses find a strong job pool of eager and hard working people. St. Helena Parish economic Development Committee finds itself working diligently on recruiting new homeowners. St. Helena believes if they are going to attract entrepreneurs by showcasing its low cost of living and tax incentives, this labor pool must increase to benefit the business growth that is starting to develop in this beautiful region. IncentivesVarious tax incentives are available to companies in St. Helena Parish. Call the Police Jury office for more information on the following programs; Enterprise Zone Program, Industrial Property Tax Exemption, Restoration Tax Abatement, Quality Jobs Program, Welfare-to-Work/Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Incumbent Worker Training


St. Helena offers a variety of choices for your home. There are established neighborhoods, subdivisions, beautiful farm lands, rural property, river side camps and apartment complexes. St. Helena offers the purest, clean water and air in the state of Louisiana as validated by the state environment agency. Beautiful forests, rivers and tranquil surroundings are available to welcome you to one of the last unspoiled areas of the state. It is truly a paradise for the purest, and yet still has all of the available necessities and luxuries of life within easy access.

Educational Opportunities

St. Helena is within 60 minutes driving distance of three major universities and several community colleges: Southeastern Louisiana University, Southern University, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Community College, and Southwest Mississippi Junior College, for undergraduate, graduate, and non credit courses; as well as easy access to all athletic events. Northshore Regional Technical College is located in Greensburg and offers numerous vocational courses including computer, accounting, business, welding, auto mechanics, electronics, nursing, etc. Under construction is the new campus for Northshore Regional Technical College expected to open in the fall of 2012. There is one private school locate in Amite, Oak Forest Academy, which has kindergarten through 12th grade and is utilized by a large number of St. Helena students.


St. Helena Parish Audubon Regional Library is located in Greensburg and has full internet access available to the public, educational and cultural activities for children and adults alike. The public schools include one elementary, one junior high, one high school. The total enrollment for the entire parish is less than 2000 students.


There are numerous protestant churches located throughout the parish. The greatest numbers of believers are the Baptist and Methodist denomination. There is a small Catholic church served by the priest of Tangipahoa Parish..


St. Helena offer a laid back lifestyle, with the rural atmosphere, beautiful scenery, no red lights or traffic jams. Country living at its best. St. Helena is easily accessed to neighboring parishes for shopping, dining, and advanced health care facilities.


St. Helena offer the sportsman and outdoor enthusiast numerous activities such as bird watching, cycling, fishing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, hunting and other activities that will appeal to a wide range of interests.