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Louisiana State Sanitary Code Title 51, Part XIII, Chapter 7, § 701 A.

“A person shall not install, cause to be installed, alter subsequent to installation, or operate an individual sewage system of any kind without first having obtained a permit from the State Health Officer. No person shall install, cause to be installed, or alter subsequent to installation an individual sewerage system of any kind except in accordance with the plans and specifications for the installation which have been approved as a part of a permit issued by the State Health Officer.”

Before a site evaluation can be done on existing sewage systems or new installations, the following items must be completed before a permit can be issued:

• Land owner’s name, mailing address, and telephone number.
• Proof of ownership of property such as a Deed, Recorded Cash Sale, Act of Donation, Succession, or Bond for Deed, etc ( Clerk of Court office)
• Survey of legal description of property (Clerk of Court office)
• Proposed use of property (new construction, mobile home, etc.)
      o If single family residence or mobile home - the number of bedrooms
      o If office or Commercial use - the number of employees
• 911 address for the property
• Type of water service – Private - Community - Non Community
• Property owner will be required to sign sewer permit unless a notarized designated agent form or power of attorney form is provided.
• Bring all permits issued from the St. Helena Permitting Office

Please contact Butch Martin RS, Parish Sanitarian Manager or Anita Wascom, Environmental Clerk at the St. Helena Environmental Office by calling 225-222-4412 or at the Office located at 53 North Second Street( St. Helena Health Unit), Greensburg, Louisiana 70441

DOWNLOAD THE FILE HERE: State of LA Sewage Requirements