Country Road in St. Helena Parish
About The Parish
Rural Charm of St. Helena Parish

St. Helena is one of the four original parishes of the West Florida Parishes that staged a revolt and fought for freedom from Spanish rule in the fall of 1810. Many of the present day land holders can trace their roots back to the land grants that were given prior to the revolt.

Communities: Montpelier, Pine Grove, Grangeville, Darlington, Hillsdale, Easleyville, Liverpool, Coleman Town, Dennis Mills, Lookout, Rocky Hill, and Cross Roads.

Historic Sites: Greensburg Land Office Circa 1812, Court House, Old Jail 1850, Brushey Creek Meteor site, the only Meteor site in Louisiana, located south of Greensburg.

Churches: St. Helena has a large Christian Faith based community, 70+ churches in the parish of varying denomination.

Mission: The mission of St. Helena Parish is to serve the people of our various communities by providing the best local governmental services possible. Through the administrative and labor departments, the parish intends to assist residents to the best of its ability. St. Helena will make every effort to maintain the rural character for which it is famous by diligently caring for the land and all life that dwell thereon, while simultaneously encouraging economic development that will successfully integrate into this lifestyle. In carrying out these duties, St. Helena will strive to maintain a high ethic and moral standard, and through example, will encourage those whose lives intersect with the different segments of governmental, societal, and business sectors, in this parish, to do the same.